Saturday, April 16, 2011

Progress Report on Final Project

strong bad at the chalkboard

As I reflect on what I have learned from taking EDM 310, I realize how much my perspective on technology has changed. Before I thought that teachers didn't really need to incorporate technology in my classroom. Very few of my teachers used technology. They thought that just sticking to writing notes on the chalkboard was good enough. This mindset has to change. Educators need to realize the importance of technology and the many benefits of using technology. I have decided to create a podcast for my final project with Hoan Nguyen. This podcast will discuss the reasons why all teachers should strive to become technologically literate. The podcast will also include suggestions for how teachers can begin their journey to becoming a technology savvy teacher. We will describe a list of programs that we think all teachers should use and the benefits of these programs. We also plan on creating tutorials which will teach people how to get started using these programs. We will create these tutorials using screen recording. We are excited to begin working on this project and we hope that many teachers will benefit from our suggestions.

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