Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Assignment 12

I want you to turn off your cell phone

This week I chose my own topic to explore for my blog post. A question that I posed earlier this semester is "Should cell phones be banned in schools?" I created a podcast earlier this semester which discusses this question. Now I have researched and found some great videos which discuss this topic in depth. I have selected the video which I think gives the best analysis of this topic. As you watch this clip, ask yourself whether you would be willing to give educational cell phone use a try in your future classroom.

I also found a blog created by an 8th grade teacher from Iowa who wrote a blog about a project that her students completed which explored the topic of cell phone use in school. It's a pretty interesting story about how these students were able to convince the administration at their school to allow cell phones for educational purposes. Also, it's a great example of project based learning which reflects educational progressivism.

Before I created a podcast about this topic earlier this semester, I had never considered cell phones to be an option for schooling. Obviously, there is a lot of potential for students to be distracted by cell phones. This gives students the ability of to text, take inappropriate photos and videos, and play non-educational games. However, allowing students to use computers also has these risks. Anything can be used as a distraction for students. Pencils and paper allow students to doodle and pass notes during class. Should we ban these tools, as well? I think that educators should take a second look at the possibility of using cell phones. Educators should not view cell phones as obstacles, but rather consider the possibilities they open up for students. This video shows a great example of a school which is harnessing the potential of cell phones in the classroom. I think that more schools should do the same. Students love to use their cell phones, so they would be a great motivator for students to complete assignments. If a school did choose to allow cell phone use, there would have to be strict guidelines in place. My mind has been opened to the great possibilities that cell phones have, and I hope that this post has challenged your thinking, as well.

So for your assignment, read the blog and watch the video that I posted here. Reflect on your reaction to the blog and video. What are your thoughts on using cell phones in the classroom? Did the blog or video change the way that you view cell phones? If you had the ability to allow your students to use cell phones in your class, how would you use them to enhance your curriculum?

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  1. Hey Rebecca,

    Great post! I think this is a great assignment for teachers to explore and come up with their own ideas about cell phone use in school. You make some good points about how the students can also use paper and pencil to make the same type of distractions that cell phones make.

    Good job,
    Stephen Akins