Thursday, April 28, 2011

C4T- #4


This month I have been reading Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom. This is a blog written by Steven Anderson. Mr. Anderson is an educator who works with schools to help them integrate technology into their classrooms. Mr. Anderson gives presentations at technology conferences, as well. The first blog that I commented on was called "The Connected Administrator". This blog is about the importance of school administrators becoming technologically literate. This is a subject that I had never really considered. I always focused on the importance of technology being in the classroom, but I never thought about how technology could benefit administrators. Administrators can use technology to stay connected with other schools. Mr. Anderson included a Google docs presentation which encouraged administrators to become open to change in the way that schools are run. His oresentation also included information on tools which administratirs might find useful. Some of these tools include Skype, Google docs and Twitter. Here is the comment that I left on Mr. Anderson's post:
"I enjoyed reading your post because it made me think about the importance of administrators being technologically literate. Before I read you post, I hadn't thought about this concept. I enjoyed your presentation as well. The quotes that you included are great because they show how people have always been resistant to new tools in education. This encourages me to push for the use of technology in the classroom for the benefit of my future students. If administrators begin using the tools that you have suggested, then they will be on the path to technological literacy. Then administrators will be even more supportive if teachers who are working with technology in their classrooms."
The second post that I commented on was called "Making Complex Ideas Simple". This post focused on a website called This is a website which creates short, informative videos about different programs. The videos were entertaining and interesting. I think they would be useful for instruction in EDM 310. Some of the topics that they cover include Twitter, Wikipedia, Social Media and much more. I left the following comment for Mr. Anderson:
"My name is Rebecca Warnberg and I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. These video created by Commoncraft are great! They are so informative and interesting. It's great to see creativity and technology combined in a way that will educate others."
Mr. Anderson has a lot of great ideas to share. I highly recommend his blog.

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