Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final Reflection Video for EDM 310

This is my final reflection video for EDM 310. It's been a very interesting semester. I have learned so much and I have the great EDM 310 staff to thank! I will do my best to help others who are taking EDM 310 in the future. I think the most valuable things that I have learned are to become a lifelong learner and to always keep an open mind when it comes to technology. I will use the things that I have learned in my future classroom for sure. I hope that I will be an effective teacher who uses technology for the benefit of my students.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My PLN Final Reflection

What is the definition of a PLN? A personal learning network is a list of websites and blogs that an individual finds useful for their own learning experience. A person's PLN should always be changing and expanding as they find new resources for learning. My PLN consists mostly of youtube, others teachers' blogs and the EDM 310 website. Of course, I use Google on a regular basis to find out information I need to know. I often look up things on Wikipedia, as well. I wouldn't use Wikipedia as a source for a paper, but it is a good starting point for finding out information. Another great website that I use in my PLN is sparknotes. I am enrolled in a literature class, and sparknotes helps me interpret the things I read. All of these websites can be organized by using websites like Symbaloo. I know that my PLN will expand even more as I continue to learn things as a teacher.

Final Project 16

technology tools for teachers

As my final project, Hoan Nguyen and I decided that we would create a blog to educate other teachers and future teachers on becoming technologically literate. We have learned so much from taking EDM 310 that we wanted to share what we learned with others. Not everyone can benefit from taking a course to guide them through the wide world of technology. We are using this blog to show teachers the need for technology and the benefits that it can have. We have also included several instructional videos for how to get started using technology. We hope that through this blog, many teachers will learn to improve their classrooms through the use of technology. This way, many students will have a brighter educational future. Our blog is called Technology Tools For Teachers. Right now our blog has 10 posts. We will be creating more as we come up with new ideas and videos which we think will be beneficial. Our first post is a podcast in which we discuss why we think that all teachers should use technology. We mention several useful tools for teachers getting started using technology such as Twitter, Audacity and YouTube. We posted several instructional videos which we made about these websites. We have also included interviews with other education majors on thier thoughts about technology and education.