Sunday, May 1, 2011

My PLN Final Reflection

What is the definition of a PLN? A personal learning network is a list of websites and blogs that an individual finds useful for their own learning experience. A person's PLN should always be changing and expanding as they find new resources for learning. My PLN consists mostly of youtube, others teachers' blogs and the EDM 310 website. Of course, I use Google on a regular basis to find out information I need to know. I often look up things on Wikipedia, as well. I wouldn't use Wikipedia as a source for a paper, but it is a good starting point for finding out information. Another great website that I use in my PLN is sparknotes. I am enrolled in a literature class, and sparknotes helps me interpret the things I read. All of these websites can be organized by using websites like Symbaloo. I know that my PLN will expand even more as I continue to learn things as a teacher.

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