Sunday, April 3, 2011

C4T- #3

This month I had the privilege of reading Classroom Chronicles by Henrietta Miller. Mrs. Miller is a year 5 teacher at a private school for girls ion Sydney, Australia. Mrs. Miller uses blogging to improve herself as a teacher, and she also has a blog for her class. I read two posts by Mrs. Miller and I enjoyed them both.
The first post that I read by Mrs. Miller was called "Sometimes it is the simplest things". In this post, Mrs. Miller shares a new teaching technique that she has implemented in her classroom. Mrs. Miller gave each of her students their own white board and dry erase marker so that they could answer questions during her lesson. Mrs. Miller found that the use of the white boards really encouraged her students to participate. I left the following comment on Mrs. Miller's post:
"I enjoyed your post because it has inspired me to try using personal white boards in my future classroom. When I was in high school, my math teachers sometimes would allow us to use our own white boards and I always enjoyed it. I think that giving students an opportunity to actively engage in class and share their thoughts is always better than simply lecturing to them Thank you for the tip!"
Mrs. Miller got a lot of positive feedback on this post from other teachers who had tried this idea in their classes before. These teachers talked about ways that she could improve this technique even more.
The second post that I read was called "Sydney Teach-Meet". In this post, Mrs. Miller announced her plan to hold a meeting for teachers across Australia to come and share their experiences and ideas. Apparently, in many countries around the globe teachers have begun to hold these meetings. So Mrs. Miller took the initiative to start this type of conference in her own country. I left the following comment for Mrs. Miller:
"I admire your dedication to learning ways to improve your teaching style. I think that this conference is a wonderful idea. When educators come together and collaborate about their failures and successes, they will certainly leave wiser than they were before. It is also a great opportunity to encourage other teachers to keep on giving their best for the benefit of their students. Unfortunately, I can’t attend your meeting since I’m still attending the University of South Alabama on my journey to becoming a teacher. I wish I could participate though because this sounds like a great opportunity. I hope it all goes well!"
I think it's great that Mrs. Miller was willing to step forward and put her ideas into motion. I hope that all goes well for her!

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