Thursday, March 10, 2011

SMART Board Planets Project

Here is the video that my group created using the SMART board. This is a lesson plan aimed at third grade students about the solar system. I hope you enjoy it.

I think that our presentation went very well. The audience was very friendly and willing to participate. The audience consisted of four people who are also enrolled in EDM310. They all took turns answering questions and writing on the board, just as a class of third graders would have. The review session at the end of our presentation shows the effectiveness of the presentation because all of the questions were answered correctly by our audience.
After we gave this presentation to our audience, we sent out a survey to gauge the results of our presentation. We asked the following ten questions:
1) What was your favorite part of the presentation?
2) Out of the following planets, which was the most interesting?
3) Did you think that this presentation would be appropriate for a third grade audience?
4) Did you learn anything that you didn't know before?
5) Is there any topic that we could have covered more clearly?
6) Do you have any questions that we didn't cover?
7) Do you feel that our use of the SMART Board was effective?
8) Was our description of dwarf planets easy to understand?
9) Did you learn anything that you didn't know before?
10) Was the subject well presented?
We got very positive feedback from our audience, although not all audience members responded to our survey. The participants said that their favorite part of the presentation was writing on the SMARTboard. Overall, they felt that the presentation was good and the topic was thoroughly covered. They voted Earth as Saturn as they most interesting planets. Although they said that they did not learn anything new, this was to be expected because the topic was a third grade level subject. The audience agreed that our lesson was appropriate for the target audience.
Overall, I feel that our presentation went very well. I learned many things from completing this project. I learned how to use the SMART notebook program which made the process of creating the presentation quite simple. I got the opportunity to actually use a SMART Board which was very enjoyable. I would like to have the opportunity to use a SMART Board in my future classroom. I have learned that students respond very well to being allowed to participate and interact with the SMART Board. I think that this project was a success and I hope that I get more opportunities to learn about SMART Boards in the future.

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