Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Assignment 8

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This Is How We Dream Part 1 and 2- This presentation by Richard Miller is about the change of how we can gain knowledge now as opposed to fifty years ago. Fifty years ago, people relied on books. The internet had not be invented. Knowledge and information was contained in books, newspapers and magazines. The invention of the Internet changed all of this. Fifty years ago, a student that wanted to write a research paper would spend hours at the library looking through mountains of books. Now students can find all the information they need in half the time by using search engines on the internet. This makes learning more efficient in a number of ways.
Obviously the invention of the internet makes learning a lot faster. There is also a lot more information available to students. Mr. Miller makes a great point that the information found in books is all based on past knowledge. However, information found on the internet can be updates immediately and is therefore a lot more accurate. Educators must teach students to appreciate the power of the internet and technology.
Sources on the internet can appeal to all different types of learners. There can be visual, auditory and interactive elements to the information on these web sources. The potential of this multimedia technology is great. It must be seized by writers and educators for the benefit of their students. Mr. Miller discusses the uniting of the humanities and sciences which is very inspiring. It's important that educators in all fields unite together to develop the potential of multimedia technology. This video can be found at
The Chipper Series- This video series has a lot to teach us about how we should approach our class work in EDM310. It also has applications for how we should live our lives. In this video, the audience watches interactions between a student named Chipper and Dr. Strange. Chipper is a lazy student who is resistant to the new form of education used in EDM310. EDM310 is based on networked learning which depends a lot on the work ethic of the students. Students must complete all of their assignments in order to learn instead of following the model of "burp back education" that is used in the traditional classroom. Chipper was unwilling to take responsibility for her own education, so she drops out of school. She thinks that she will be able to succeed in other avenues, but her lack of dedication causes her to fail in everything she tries. This video shows us that as future educators, we should be dedicated to learning and willing to work hard. We should not try to take the easy way out and set the standard high for our future students, too. This video series can be found at
EDM310 For Dummies- This video gives us examples of what a student in EDM310 should and should not do. The first thing that a student need to do is get the right attitude. If a student comes into EDM310 with a stubborn and uncooperative attitude, then they are setting them self up to fail. The video then goes on to talk about the benefits of EDM310 and the programs that we are taught about in this class. This video can be found at
If I were going to make a video about EDM310, I would create a video that discusses how each tool we are taught about in this class can relate to our work as a future teacher, I would create different scenes in a classroom setting where teachers could show the use of tools such as blogging, pod casts, SMART boards, etc. I think this video would benefit the students of EDM 310 because it would help them to make real life connections with what they are learning in this class, I think this would encourage students to work harder and it would make them more likely to use what they have learned in their own class rooms down the road. This video could also be viewed by other educators who do not have the benefit of being enrolled in EDM310 Perhaps these educators would be inspired, too.
Learn to Change, Change to Learn- This video discusses the problem with education and the lack of technology in the classroom. The video starts out with a very shocking statement. Education was ranked lowest in technological advancement. It was ranked under Coal Mining! In today's world, children are being stimulated with technology all the time. This is the kind of learning that they are used to in the outside world. Why not seize this type of 21st Century learning in the classroom? The teaching style in the classroom is not preparing students for their future jobs. So what is their education accomplishing? Very little!This video makes the point that there is a difference between education and learning. This should not be the case. The only way this will change is if individual teachers fight to make a change in their classroom. Someday, if teachers are willing to stand up and make am effective change for the better then other educators will catch on. This is the only way that the system can change. This video can be found at!
The Secret Powers of Time- This video is very interesting because it talks about six views on life which are all related to time perspectives. There are two for past, two for present and two for future. These view points can differ between cultures. Cities and cultures have different paces of life, too. There is a difference between children today and children in the past. Since students today are so focused on present time perspective of hedonism. They like control and pleasure. This has been affected by technology such as video games which has taught children this perspective. Schools today are aimed at people who have future oriented time perspectives. Since this time perspective does not align with that of today's children, many of them can't relate and they drop out. I see problem with both education system and the children that are represented in this view point. First off, school should show students how subject matter taught in school can benefit them in their every day lives. This way students will see value in school and education. Secondly, children should not be taught that life is all about instant gratification. This teaches people to be selfish and lazy. They want all pleasure now with no hard work. They want to do everything that they feel like in the present with no consequences in the future. This is the problem with America today and it should be changed. Teachers can do their best, but ultimately this change should start at home. This video can be found at
Drive: The Surprising Thing About What Motivates Us- This video discusses the idea that money is the best incentive. Studies done at MIT and in India prove that money does not always serve as the best motivation when the task involved cognitive skill. So what serves as the best motivation? People achieve more when they are allowed to create freely with no direction. People do their best work when they are doing things that they enjoy even if they are not getting paid. They enjoy the challenge and they like to master things. They like to have purpose in their life. People are not always motivated by monetary gain. Sometimes there are more personal advantages which can motivate people. This should be kept in mind by educators. Give students a challenge and show them the personal benefits if hard work. This video can be found at


  1. Rebecca,

    It is crazy how technology has changed our world, but what is even crazier is that Education is not accepting this change like the rest of the world. It amazes me how much we could benefit from technology, but teachers are unwilling to learn. I like how you said, "It's important that educators in all fields unite together to develop the potential of multimedia technology." All teachers need to realize the benefits of technology, and we should all strive to incorporate it into our classrooms to better our students for the future.

  2. Blog Post Assignment #8 comment

    Hi Rebecca,
    I agree with you that every student learns differently. You have auditory, visual, and hands on learners. As teachers, we should understand about these different learning styles and try to incorporate them into our classrooms. Technology can bring in excellent ways to teach students. I enjoyed what you had to say.