Thursday, February 24, 2011

C4K Post #1

Sherlock Holmes

Comments for kids is a great program because it gives me an opportunity to see what kind of posts my future students might make if I decided to create a class blog. I can see a lot of benefits to creating a class blog. Some of these benefits include students learning to create a blog and other technological tools, students learning safe habits for using the internet, students practicing writing skills and parents being able to view and comment on their child's work. Over the past three weeks, I have commented on three different blogs made by children. I enjoyed reading what these kids had to say!
The first blog that I commented on was made by a sixth grade boy named Marshall who is in Mr. Carmichael's class. The blog that I commented on was titled "Cheesetastic". In his blog, Marshall discussed the many different kinds of cheese that there are. Then he stated that his favorite kind of cheese is cheddar. Finally, Marshall asked his readers to post a comment about their favorite kind of cheese. I posted the following comment:
"I would have to say that colby jack is the best kind of cheese to eat with crackers. However, with nachos I really like queso blanco which is a type of cheese that originates from Spain. Mozzarella cheese and feta are a really good combination on pizza! So I really couldn’t choose one best kind of cheese. I think that they are all good in different recipes. This was a great post! Keep up the good work!" It was good to see that this teacher encouraged his students to write about topics that they are personally interested in.
The second blog that I commented on was made by Sosaia. Sosaia is a year 4 student at Pt. England School in New Zealand. Sosaia has made many interesting posts! The post that I commented on was a video that he made called "My Mighty Mariners". The video included a story that Sosaia narrated and illustrations that he had made. Sosaia also added a soundtrack that played at the beginning and end of his movie. I left the following comment on his blog:
"My name is Rebecca Warnberg. I am a sophomore at the University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. In this class, we learn to use technology just like you have by making this video. I enjoyed watching your video. I liked the drawings that you had and the music was very entertaining, as well! I think your video was very creative." I think that Sosaia's blog reflected a lot of hard work and great learning experiences.
The final blog that I commented on was written by a student in Mr. Wolfe's Class. This was a very interesting blog to read because this student had written their own short story about Sherlock Holmes. I thought this was a great assignment because the student got to use their imagination, practice writing skills and share their creation on their blog. I left the following comment for the student:
"I think you did a wonderful job writing this story. The ending was very surprising. I never would have guessed that the fish had learned to talk by eating magical fish food. I think your story was very unique and creative! I hope that you continue to write stories."
I think that all of these students did a wonderful job with guidance from their teachers. I;m glad to see that there are many teachers out there who are committed to teaching their students the benefits of using technology.

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